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bymanos25, October 2, 2009
I know this component is an editors pick - also before i download it i visited the demo site online and i was impressed.

The problem is that when in installed it on MY system, I wouldn't edit the content of the articles using the editor- it was like the editor was frozen and I couldnt do anything with it...i was able to edit the article only when i selected the html code option through "show/hide"..but what is the point when this is a WYSIWYG editor?

Anyways i didn't have the patient to try it more at the moment, or the time so i uninstalled it.

Probably I will try it again in the future and see how it goes...

One last comment - the fact that didn't work for me doesnt mean that it will not work for you...maybe i did something wrong..who knows...
bymanos25, October 2, 2009
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It does exactly what it says - easy to install and configure - absolutely love it! Very good job!
bymanos25, September 21, 2009
This is the best software to create forms! Trust me, I have been looking for a software like this for a long time. And even though I hate writing reviews, this really deserves your attention...I suggest to read their instructions of how to use the software..very helpful for beginners and not.

When it comes to the customer service...I created a form with over 200 questions and for some reason there was an error and the database didnt see the questions...i sent a message to the fabrik forum telling them about my problem. They replied in less than 24 hours even though I WAS NOT a subscriber. They gave me instruction on what to do to solve the problem... i tried it and it worked!

One more thing...there was not a problem with the software to start with - as i was adding new questions i had to update the database and i didnt. So the fault was mine..some times we had to use common sense...

Anyways guys, this software is amazing and the customer service is it and you will not regret...also don't forget to is important to show our support when people do such an excellent job.