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bymansour.kashi, April 12, 2010
Excellent Plug-in But...
Thanks the author, this plug-in is great but I have some problems with it.
Before using this plug-in, I installed the JThumbs image resizer, but for some reasons after installation the plug-in, "SmartRESIZER" doesn't generate (resize) the frontpage (blog) and the articles and I have to resize them manually. Can anybody help me fix this?

1- The plug-in works in "Localhost"
2- The JThumbs is uninstalled
3- The permission of all files and folders related to this plug-in is 777.

Thank you,
Owner's reply

Hello mansour.kashi. Please write to support forum with "Support" link above or write me directly with Contact form on my site (WebSite link above). I will try to help configure the plugin.