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bymanualva, November 28, 2012
Don't use Kazaam as your default menu. You'll realize that, if you don't create a menu item for a category BEFORE creating your articles, you must then regenerate your menu items through the KAZAAM! plugin. And this is where it gets messy.

When you regenerate your categories, well, needless to say, all your categories will replace the menu items. Like for example, you'll have an Uncategorized button, your uncategorized home button will disappear, with all you mods [*blood boils*] and the rest of the menu items that have nothing to do with categories will disappear.

At least the name fits its purpose; KAZAAM! and there goes your menu system.
Owner's reply

I appreciate your feedback.

However, please note that Kazaam! is an automatically generated and controlled menu. It is not intended to be edited directly.

Any changes made to your categories will instantly be reflected in the Kazaam! menu, so instead of editing the menu itself, you should make changes to your categories and articles in the Category / Article manager.

If you want a menu that is *not* automatically generated and controlled, please set one up in the menu manager.


bymanualva, November 7, 2011
It's a great extension. Looks very promising. But, either there's an issue with the access control/permissions in the component or I still don't know how to use it. And even though, THAT is an issue because the documentation is not very elaborate. So the missing star is attributed to poor documentation.

It's good it works in iphone/ipad. Makes sellers look very pro. Thanks ProjectFork!

• Multiple options for decent customizability.
• Automatic field insertion (text, checkbox, radio, dropdown select, etc.)
• Option for multiple contact forms (good for linking multiple e-mails)
• Concise; each input field in the administrator panel is well explained.
• Customer support super effective.
• Option for file upload.
• Internal inbox.


• Customer support a bit slow.
• Still can't figure out why some e-mails received land in my junk folder.

Overall it's the best contact form yet!
bymanualva, October 3, 2011
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It's true the component works like a charm. But I encountered a couple of difficulties and horrors while trying to imply it in my website.

First off for the Joomla tweaker like myself, it's not very useful, as it doesn't display modules (much of the content in my website is jumi and custom html with embedded videos, including JoomFish translation to spanish.)

And secondly and one of the worst and most embarrasing things that have happened to me in my job of only 2 and a half years:

I enabled it went home from my job, and by accident didn't realize the ad module that displays in the bottom fetches info about your site and displays whatever brand relates to the existing content. Do you know what that means? It means that if you're selling a specific type of oil, other types of oil show up in the ad module, obviously disregarding if that type of oil is provided by the competition. So I just come home from work and my boss called me telling me to take the module down because of the ad. He was obviously upset, and so was I, days before receiving a promotion. I'll just pray it doesn't affect my work.

A complete disappointment. This is something that will upset me for days to come.
Owner's reply

Hi there, thanks for taking your time posting your review. We are sorry to hear your negative experience. To avoid such cases, we posted clear notifications (right before you download and install Mobile Joomla!), countless forum and blog posts. Simply taking time and paying attention to such notifications would avoid such unfortunate cases, also potentially misleading ratings, which maybe caused not due to poor product performance, but personal negligence.