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bymanuelberger, December 9, 2013
I´am using JomSocial since three years and I would like to share my experience.

Since three years I never get the goal - a bug free version of JomSocial. That means, I always had things which don`t work or work as it should be.

Doing updates with JomSocial is a big risk, because I got always new bugs or they changed anything else, so some functions are gone forever.

The support forum is not well structured, many posts with the same issues and different answers from the support team. The response time is from "normal" (into 24 hours) up to never (if you don`t complain).

I spend lots of hours finding bugs and still get blamed by emails from users who told me: "I cannot get registrated" as example.
(A new included datepicker tool was the problem which was not solved for weeks!)

In my mind, this component is a risk for my reputation.

I already complained that to the JomSocial team, also to their CEO.
Owner's reply

Hello and thanks for your feedback. Many of the "bugs" people find are the result of using third party extensions and not JomSocial itself but of course, some bugs do exist from time to time. During the last year (since iJoomla took over), we have implemented a very comprehensive testing process to avoid future issues, and customers are already reporting that the releases are much more stable than before. We will keep enhancing this testing process in the future.

bymanuelberger, February 8, 2013
JS Events Booking Pro
We have bought the 5.1.2 and installed it on a 2.5.8 Joomla version.

- the component and the modules are not multilanguage as promised
- the component do not offer other time set then AM/PM, 24 hours and other date formats are just available by customizing files

In our case there has been and still a lot of issues, errrors, bugs, incompatible functions and so on.

The support is friendly and tries to help as good as they can, but there are so much things wrong that I would recommend: if you are not a good developer, keep your fingers far away from this version!

The component has potential but it is not working and we thoght we paid for a component which works.
Owner's reply

Hi manuelberger,
First, thank you for your bad review.

I've checked your name in ticket system, but it does not exist. So i don't know what is your problem with EB Pro. Before you submit any bad review, you should contact us or submit a ticket first.

As you know, the EB Pro is a big system, so you have to read the document carefully to setup it correctly in your site.

Please contact us and update your review if you agree with our support services.


bymanuelberger, October 1, 2012

I bought this component for a event website. The component itself is easy to use and the first look is great. BUT, if you try to change something like resize the picture of the events in the list view (which is standard 100px x 100px) you will find no easy way! Yes, friendly support is available, but this really basic feature is not part of their code at the moment (Version 2.1.8). Also there is no possibility to have different kind of tickets, like tickets for adults, kids. I was looking at their page more then 10 times and spend a lot of time before I bought it, but it wasn`t enough. Their refund policy is strange: if they have a bug and cannot fix it you will get your money back, but not in my case, because changing of a picture in the list view is not part of the code.

Sorry guys but this is FOR ME kind of "buy a alpha version" and hope that the developer will bring the basic features at "one day".

For other users: ask, ask and ask them for every feature you need before you buy Ohanah.

All the best for you!

Owner's reply

dear Manuel
our refund policy is very clear:
we are sorry if you misread that.

We are also very sorry if you haven't checked or misread again something on the product page, where you had a full features list, detailed features tour, faq section, contact form and three FULL demos to try out and know everything in advance.

your installation was bugs free, unfortunately you were asking (and blackmailing) us without patience with extra features requests and custom development works that we don't do, as clearly stated on our faqs too.

think you haven't also checked carefully some important jed rules
or you wouldn't have come here manifesting your disappointment by this way.

you could have contacted us on the support platform in a better way, what i still encourage you to do, we will be more then happy to find a solution with you.