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bymanuxx2, June 2, 2013
Virtuemart Stats
A simple but effective module for displaying simple stats, could be more enhanced in the future allowing to show stats from a certain date till present and many other options that could be included, but does what it says and works perfectly.

Is free and asking is also free, gratitude to the developer.
What more can I say, this payment gateway works perfectly, they even helped us to solve an issue which was not even related to their component.

The payment works perfectly and is really easy to configure abnd set up, they have it perfectly described in their website also.

Keep the good work ;)
bymanuxx2, January 30, 2013
Advanced Shipping by Rules for VirtueMart
If the free version is already amazing this one is really worth the simbolic cost.

Is the most complete shipping method available for Virtuemart and it costs half what others do.
bymanuxx2, January 24, 2013
Shipping by Rules for VirtueMart
This little plugin created by a mathematician is the most complete shipping plugin available for VM2.

It saved us from hours of work. You can configure all your shipping rates in just one screen and per zones in a really well though distribution.

The developer is friendly and always willing to help and his plugin does exactly what it says in the free version which is more than complete and the advanced plugin is really well worth the low price it has.
bymanuxx2, January 15, 2013
RuposTel One Page Checkout for VirtueMart
This component makes too many modifications to the core Virtuemart.

The checkout will load 4 times slower than Virtuemart core checkout.

If the programmer cared to make a better extension and make it core to VM instead of making money out of it, VM2 will have a much better checkout without so many issues. Then people will gladly pay his work.

The hard work is obvious in this component but the fact that he helps the VM team makes the VM community lack of a decent checkout and buy this component which is a serious modification to the core where you will find 4 css styles that may or may not suit your template, if thats your case like ours, you are done. Shame on the VM team and shame on him.

Sad times when open source is becoming a profit for a few.
Owner's reply

Hello, firstly I thought that you are not referring to our extension, let me explain.

Our extension does absolutely no modifications to Virtuemart 2.0.6 and above, it uses a default plugin system to load. Prior 2.0.6 it fixes a few fatal errors in Virtuemart 2.

As a member of VM team we do not have access to modify the core VM code and our place is to fix bugs, not to create features or themes. We are developing OPC since 2008 far before any Virtuemart 2 was created. It is not possible that One Page Checkout-like solutions would be part of a default VM checkout because they require a specific approach to create compatibility, logic and theming.

The speed depends on your configuration of OPC and hosting. We accomplished to run plugins asynchronously in ajax thread so they do not slow down your checkout.

We keep backward compatibility from Virtuemart 2.0.0 which makes developement and support much more advanced. We also do support for OPC on Virtuemart 1.1.x.

Our component is released under GPL without any code obfuscation, or domain restrictions. You pay for us to keep the good work and provide continuous bug fixes, new themes and features.

bymanuxx2, January 1, 2013
Virtuemart Synthetic Dashboard
Works and looks great, however I miss some basic options to decide the order of the tabs shown or even hide some.

If we could show the latest orders first would be even better, I guess thats what most people will watch in a daily base.

bymanuxx2, January 1, 2013
JXTC Maplink Spain
Best maps available for joomla

You can set different colors per city and add text and customize it a lot.

The map looks really good and gives a professional look to your website.

This is actually a review for the european map but since i cant find it here i post in my country map.
bymanuxx2, December 1, 2012
Virtuemart Reward Points
This component is amazing, the design is professional and clean.

You can make a basic setting in a few minutes or play with all the rules creating a professional reward system finally for VM.

About the developer one can only say that after a few e-mails you can see he loves his work and helping customers.

We are using version 1.5 and although the big pottential is in the 2.5 version of joomla and VM 2 the old version rocks and will help you a lot with your customers.

This should be core for VM, is the only way VM can look the same level as other more modern e-commerce solutions.
bymanuxx2, March 5, 2012
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After getting mad with VM's new version I decided to test this e-commerce solution.

I must say all the positive reviews here are well deserved.

Installation went smooth, the component is really easy but with a lot of features.

Don't worry thinking is not as popular as VM or that it doesn't have so many modules and extensions cause the team is constantly developing new features.

The support is excellent and this means that they guys in the team even answer on a sunday or during the weekend and most questions are answered in few hours.

There's an extensive documentation on their webpage too covering all the areas.

The component still has some work to do specially in their shipping methods, quite limited right now but as their component becomes more and more popular have no doubt Hikashop is the present and future of e-commerce in Joomla.

bymanuxx2, February 26, 2012

After trying new version for some weeks I'm really dissapointed.

Administrator doesn't have and easy setup for begginers or even users with knowledge from 1.x versions.

When you release a new component and the older version is better there's something going wrong.

These new VM2.0 is though for developers which have a lot of time to tweak and understand how this component works, not recommended at all for begginers.

I couldn't even get my shop to show the price for products... something which shouldn't take me days to solve and I had my VM 1.x version perfectly set up.

There are better solutions out there right now and VM really has to work on their layout and simplicity if they want to reach others than developers.

This new version made me migrate to Hikashop and I have been a VM user for years now.
bymanuxx2, May 28, 2011
This modules looks nice and works fine however it gives like 10 W3C errors and this is a big issue, please look in to it for future versions.
Owner's reply

manuxx2, thank you for the review, but that's not true.
It might a problem in your template code. You can send me a link to your site and I will help you to find a decision.
Contact me from my website.

Thank you! :-)

bymanuxx2, April 28, 2011
Core Design FAQ
Works fine and looks great however this won't help in SEO as theres no title or h1 h2 on articles and there is no forum to request this feature. Also articles won't appear in a sitemap so they don't exist on the internet...
bymanuxx2, March 29, 2011
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Theres absolutely no integration with Virtuemart, users are imported into this component, but thats it, just the username, not even the details.

Theres no plugin whatsoever for Virtuemart, and you can't earn points for buying products.

This may confuse users like me, please edit description.

This is a component for managin points given by other methods, articles send, reviews etc, but no integration with VM at all.
bymanuxx2, March 27, 2011
Sales Analytics
Many options to create reports, really professional layout and nice graphs.

Would be perfect if you solved the issue about importing this images and add an option to to extract reports from different shopper groups.

Apart from this, the component is great and will save lots of hours, great improvement from the simple reports system on VM.
Owner's reply

Hi manuxx2, in our latest release v1.4 we have included the "Shopper Groups" report area. Thank you for your feedback.

bymanuxx2, March 27, 2011
Virtuemart Bonus products
I bought this component for its more than fair price and the result on my website is awesome, I had some problems related to my own template that had nothing to do with this component and I recieved full support by Jeremy, he had a lot of pacience with a noobie like me and it's really appreciated.

For the component it does what it says, works perfectly.