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ReReplacer is just so powerful by replacing something by something else. The replace operations can also be limited to certain browsers, operating systems, categories, menu items, templates, articles, views, months, seasons, users, countries, urls, components, ... countless options. Plus: If you need help, you can count on the support. Plus: This extension is really mature and stable.
bymarcel555, November 11, 2013
xDownloader alpha
This extension was exactly what I was searching for. I would have given 5 stars and would have bought the commercial version! But unfortunately this component does NOT WORK with caching!! I wrote in the forum and got the reply that the developer KNOWS about this bug, yet he has no time to fix it. Ok, but couldn't he just mention this known bug clearly in the extension description?!
bymarcel555, October 2, 2013
After some bug fixing by the really quick, friendly and competent developers this extension works now flawless. It's absolutely worth the money.
bymarcel555, September 14, 2013
I find this extension very useful. It is easy to design forms with it. The documentation is helpful, the extension is very flexible and reliable.
bymarcel555, August 7, 2013
Tag Meta
Thank you very much for this great extension! I'm really glad that this extension exists.
bymarcel555, August 7, 2013
Jotcache works absolutely great and reliable. Plus it has very useful options in the backend.
bymarcel555, August 7, 2013
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This extension works absolutely reliable. It does what is promised.
Just two little things to mention:
a) The language is hard coded into the extension. That's not state of the art.
b) It seems the module output cannot be overridden via template override. At least it didn't work for me (with Joomla 2.5) and I had to alter the module itself.