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march hare

bymarch hare, July 27, 2009
Ninja Eye Menu
This extension is deceptively powerful. Adds wonderful energy to our pages with a crazy zoom in effect on a graphic menu. Basically the menu graphics/icons expand like you're examining it through a fish eye lens. As each item is hovered over the menu bulges out, and the text link under it is revealed.

It is simple to use, you can experiment with the effects of how much and what way your icons are enlarged, and how small they are to start with. Change the colour of your link etc.

The plugin comes will a whole bunch a useful, and inspirational icons, to which you can add you own. They are automatically selectable from a drop down for each individual menu item.

The Menu works horizontal or vertical, a simple choice in the control panel. The only limitation is that you can only have 7 menu items, but it is not hard to edit the code to add more, and the support at Ninja were very helpful when I asked for assistance.

The CSS is exhaustively commented.

The menu still works if javascript is switched off, but without the special effects.

All in all five stars for a seamless, fast, simple and professional way to funk up joomla navigation without the need for flash, recommended.
bymarch hare, June 1, 2009
I give this five stars, allowing for the fact it is in beta (if this was finished product 3 stars). This component is simple to install, joomla user friendly. It seems kind of bizarre to have what is effectively a content management system inside a content management system, but it certainly fills some gaps, and has helped me to expand an online magazine that I am migrating slowly but surely to joomla.

There are a few "fine details" in the beta version, which are assured are to be resolved in the stable release, which is scheduled we are told any day now.

I highly recommend getting to know K2, I had hundreds of articles in many sections and categories, I have migrated everything structure intact using a script freely available from the community. If you download the beta, scout around the forum for a patch which fixes a few oddities, save yourself a few hours of 'what am I doing wrong?" followed by the sore forehead you find it LoL

Download, install and have a play, it has a very shallow learning curve, well worth the little effort required. Kudos to joomlaworks