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bymarchelo, May 30, 2012
JoomSport Pro
I've been using this component since dec 2010. When I used for 1st time, I got time for make my own development over the original one, because it was a mess.
After more than 1 year, and because it was very important for my bussiness, I bought again. Big, big mistake.
The code its every time worst, and the component becomes total useless.
The SQL its terrible, incredible for a professional dev team.
Simple steps, as generate a team registration menu, doesnt works.
The translations its very bad.

After I registered for complain about the component, 3 people of their forum, contact me asking for help!!!!

The worst part, its they know exactly what is bugged since april (last update), because a great user has been reporting EVERYTHING. But, its not only they dont had released any update, but they tell us in their forum about the next patch fixing bugs will be available in sept/oct of this year. Almost 6 months just for fix some bugs!!!!

I hope you can read the whole pro-version forum to know what is going on there before you buy this. I recommend to wait until they fix it before buying.
Owner's reply

Thank you Marchelo for your feedback!
There are some true points in your words. The changes of the coming version are really big and a lot of improvements have been done. We have updated our forums with the list of changes that we've made. We decided to release and test proper build instead of providing customers non tested and quick solutions. That is why its taking so long for a new version. Much hope people enjoy it as before because it delivers quite a lot of flexibility and we've paid a lot of attention to usability and software processes at this time.