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bymarcmarc, June 18, 2014
Flexi Custom Code
It's my goto module for code insertion but, since I've moved on a new server with php 5.4, it outputs errors.
I've tried with php 5.5 and it breaks the site.
It doesn't seems to be supported anymore, so bad...
Owner's reply

Hello Marc,
Thanks for your confirmation. I have checked the addons with server that use php 5.5, php 5.3. Through either online server or my localhost (XAMPP), every thing goes well now. I also have checked with the new version of Joomla 3.x.x. Maybe you can try again by using 1.4 version.

bymarcmarc, September 24, 2013
Very useful plugin if you want to give the end user access to the content of a module, but without giving the rights to manage the actual module.
The parts of the article which have been tagged are cut from the article and can be scattered where you want in your page, in the header, a column, you name it.
Everywhere you can put a module, you can display a part of the article.
I may add that Mareike, the developper, is very reactive and open to discussion.
Thanks for the good work.
bymarcmarc, May 14, 2012
Good but there is a problem with html code being stripped.

In the original article I can insert html tags 'style' since it's not in the blacklist.
But FaLang seems to ignore blacklist or whitelist settings and strip my tags...

Even as a superadmin (with no filtering at all) I can't insert a 'style' tag in a FaLang translation.

I've tried to edit the joomla blacklist's file but FaLang doesn't seems to rely on it since it always strips.
bymarcmarc, May 8, 2012
Very good and visually slim player.
The only issue : no way to get it play a list.
The xml is well formatted as explained, the track title and all the tags of the mp3's are displayed (so the path to files is ok) but no way...
Owner's reply

Please expose your issue on
List is working Ok, i.e. it could be due to an error in your settings.

bymarcmarc, October 24, 2008
Hi, thanks for this product : it's simple and works easily.

But, I can't use it for one thing :

the tax (vat) is not displayed at the per article level but only at the show cart total level.

perfect for a b to b shop, but not usable for a "normal" shop (at least in france !)

maybe an option for the next release ?

anyway, thanks for the good work.