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bymarcodelpercio, May 17, 2010
This extension is simply great! I wanted to express all my congratulations to the authors, I started lots of coding then I discovered that out there aiContactSafe exists and it does all what I wanted and more, Captcha, HTML email, validation, custom fields, layout editing. Really beautiful!

I just want to report some very little issues:
1) When editing a profile, in the "Contact information" (that with the WYSIWYG editor) I added a table with border=0, when saved it puts my border to 1, no matter if I change it again

2) Why the hell there is a "Copy" button for profiles and no "Copy" button for fields?? It should be very useful!!

3) The Italian translation should need some corrections..."Area del messaggio" is "Message area" that is completely misunderstanding for "textbox" or "textfield"... may I help for it?

4) If the form is too big and it uses ajax to submit...when you press the Send button (after loading gif disappears) user doesn't see anything because the message "Email sent!" is on the top. I used jQuery scrollTo to have nice scroll up effect to see the message....may I help for it?

Anyway these are very little and silly issues, this extension in PERFECT