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bymarcrhel, April 29, 2012
Congratulations for your amazing job with the tabber-plugin!

It was exactly what I imagined I need use, while organizing the content of my site. I tried Tabber in several articles and I was impressed by its appearance and functionality. An issue; I was disappointed when I tried it in IE9; while in other browsers it was fine, in IE there appeared just the first TAB and nothing more.
I'm grateful that the problem is so soon solved;
I must say to all that you are very reliable, responsible and quick to support the product. Through the forum I saw that the problem with IE9 was immediately corrected in the new version. Also -through your notices- I realized that just because of the old php version I have (5.2.12), it would be better to temporarily use a previous version of Tabber, until my hoster-server upgrades it to php 5.3 +. that's what I did ... and now tabs appear in all browsers without any problem!
Its a fantastic plugin and I recommend it to everyone with no doubt. I thank you so much for it. Keep on making so nice extensions! (I also thank you for Modules Anywhere, which I use with no problems)