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bymarcrou, September 10, 2011
Community Builder
The extension is great. I had no problem implementing it on my client website. However there are some things that can be improved. I had to do some customizations to make it look right but in the end everything was ok.
bymarcrou, September 8, 2011
- good looking forms
- great positioning options compared to some other form builders
- that's it

- no forum, only private support through an service key (support through service key requires you to remove your server development password if you have any - very annoying, my site got indexed after this and it wasn't finished)
- only one email address can be used
- very few fields to actually choose from
- no multipage (or i could not understand how it works?)

All in all looks good but it's still a young product. It misses a lot of functionality for more complex forms (even if it's named ADVANCE). If the developers add more options i will be more than happy to write another review.
Owner's reply

Yes, we like fair users (If this ever is a customer because we couldn't find any support tickets regarding all these requests)

The helpdesk system we are using is a hight tech support system which normally is only provided by enterprise companies.
We give premium personal support for each issue; why we think our system is much better than leave customers on their own with a forum.

The statement of being only able to use one email address IS NOT TRUE!

Regarding to the "few fields":
Proforms supports all existing form fields. There are no form fields missing. There are no more HTML form fields available at all!
Please note that Proforms is a form component and not a application builder!

Yes, there is no multi paging built in yet.

You have had many opportunities to inform you before purchasing a subscription. We provide many information sites, screenshots, demos, admin demos and at last a FREE basic version.

In another review marcrou is talking about his "perfectionism". A perfectionist would have read all information and tested the free version and knew that there is no multipaging for Proforms yet ;)
He is very far away to be a perfectionist.

This is the same as if you purchase a normal car and ask yourself why it has no hanger.
Yes ... because you have not purchased a car with a hanger!

At last the review becomes absurd as he's talking about "misses a lot of functionallity for more comples forms"
Again a case of "non perfectionism".
We have a built in app system. There is a huge amount of apps made for complex functions.

Sure if he he purchases a subscription which doesn't contain apps he is not be able to use them.
Probably this is the source of his non fair and very weak review.

For all others who are reading this.
Build your own opinion and read the testimonials of many many satisfied users below and to come.

Your Mad4Media Team