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bymarcusrc, July 29, 2010
It is great module and component but has some flaws and a bug.
The bug I noticed was that when I minimize a chat and then move to another page, the chat is once again not minimized. Secondly, the "Powered by EvNix" looks out of place and unprofessional for a website to have it. Finally the transitions between removing a chat and opening a chat look slightly out of place and not necessary.

Apart from the flaws though, it is still a good component.
Owner's reply

Dear marcusrc,

The problem about minimize that you are talking is not actually a bug but a feature not still added.As the module is newly made it will take a little time to add all the features.

And about "Powered by Evnix", You are free to remove it and if you want any help doing that you can always ask in the forums.