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bymardulia, February 3, 2013
Data Download
This extension is just what I was looking for to quickly, and nearly seamlessly, merge events from three sites into one. You can save your query as an item, so you can use it again, and you can name it with a date, so you can archive your db tables locally. Furthermore the developer is right on top of things and responded immediately when I had trouble writing a query. Really useful, elegant extension.
bymardulia, March 27, 2012
This was everything- and more- that I needed. When I had a little trouble with Joomla's email clocking plugin- they were right there to sort it all out. Excellent support, which is all important.
bymardulia, June 27, 2011
Woopra 4 Joomla
Woopra is preety amazing- I've only just discovered it. I immediatly installed it on 4 sites using this plugin. I worked immediately except in one case (my own site, of course) So I emailed the developers this morning and by 3pm they had added a param to the plugin that fixed it. And now it's working beautifully. :-) I am so impressed by the quick response and excellent solution.
bymardulia, June 22, 2011
RSform Pro
I've used other forms extensions but this one fits the bill in all ways. It's wonderfully easy to configure and to style- and styling forms isn't always easy. As a designer how something looks is so important for me. And it's fully customizable, right down to custom php and javascript. Support is awesome. You always get an answer with a day or two. I would use RSanything if it were available.
bymardulia, April 27, 2011
I have worked with many calendars and I have to say this is my favorite to date. (:D) It's extremely flexible, with many views and ways to customize views. Styling was a breeze- important to a designer!

To make an event recurring the system creates multiple instances of the event- rather than simply repeating itself- which then can be selectively deleted which is great if you have performances that run Mon-Sat for three weeks.

Lastly, a rave to the developers who were enormously prompt and helpful when I wanted to customize a couple of things.
bymardulia, February 1, 2011
US Tides
Works right out of the box, simple and straigtforward to configure. Display tweaked easily to go with my design. Just what I needed- AND the developer is friendly and helpful.
bymardulia, January 22, 2011
Nice Social Bookmark
I went though a few of these before I picked this one. Nice styling, nice OPTIONS for styling. And I'm VERY VERY picky!
bymardulia, September 15, 2010
Event Booking
This works so beautifully, and it looks good, and support is awesome. They get back to you within hours. One neat little thing it's got- which in my Joomla childhood I haven't seen before- is a language tab in configuration, so if you need to change "Events" to "Classes" as I did, it's really easy- right there in the backend. It has a good range of payment options, too. My client liked that- a lot.

Nice job- Tuan- and thanks!
bymardulia, September 12, 2010
Generally I would say that I love JCE- I requested it recently on a site I administer. It is way better, more sophisticated then TinyMCE. However their support is frustrating to say the least. I'm having a peculiar issue with the background of my template loading into the editor and typestyles being completely ignored. I'm sure the answer, should I find it, will be simple, but I have no way to find it unless I buy support. That, I think, is unfair.