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bymarinm, May 30, 2012
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The extension is still immature.

It's been a couple of months I've been using this extension, have uploaded 30 hotels and almost 80 rooms.

Pros: Support is absolutely great, very fast and reliable. (even though their level of English is not always good)

Cons: So many bugs!!! To be honest I don't think this extension is ready to go live. Never had to raise so many support tickets. There are bugs every where, as soon as you think you saw the last one there comes another.
I would say that it lacks in many functionalities and little practical features that make the difference but what bother me the most are the bugs.

100% Pure MVC ? Might be, but they still generate so many tables that don't have no ID or class name, mixed with divs in a very strange way, which makes it very difficult to CSS.

As conclusion, this extension has all the possibilities to be one of the best, but it still has a long way to mature.
If I wouldn't have already spent a lot of money on this one, I would have changed it immediately.

Lets see how they can improve in the future.