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bymarioliveira, December 6, 2011
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SPGM for Joomla!
I'm surprised because the owner says it has excellent support for pre-existing image folders. It has not! The only thing to do is uploading (again) files that already exist in the site for other purposes, which means an unnecessary duplication!
Owner's reply

It's actually really easy to import pre-existing image folders into SPGM, but I guess the user guide was not clear enough. I have addressed this issue in the latest version of the user guide.

bymarioliveira, November 23, 2011
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It looks good and works fine BUT... in a multilanguage site the English version creates strange effects, not in any of the other languages. I tried several things, until I concluded that the module has to be left as the last item in the sequence of the template position (assuming there are other modules on that position). Like that, fine, otherwise it creates odd things.
Owner's reply

Hi, I fixed the issue with the English language in a multilanguage website. Please update to the new version.

bymarioliveira, January 6, 2010
RSform Pro
Easy to install and configure, easy to create any kind of form. When it comes to being more detailed and creating more complex things it is not exactly straightforward for a normal user but... they have a fantastic support team, very precise and fast who can get you out of trouble in a very short time!
bymarioliveira, December 12, 2007
XCloner-Backup and Restore
I can only say it works and ovidiu gave me a super fantastic and extremely quick support. I had problems using the component to transfer the site I had been creating to a live server. I had such a fast support than in a few hours I was able to overcome my problems, which were not clear to me just with the help of the manual. There was the need for a fine tune in this case of transfer from pc to live site, but with that zooming help I could finally get the whole thing well defined and running ok. As a Joomla newbie I just wish everybody is so helpful in this super comunity! And as an experienced computer user I became a safety freak, so now I can relax and sleep well, knowing I can easily recover from disaster in a few clicks.