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bymark1, March 9, 2013
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I use this one for about a year now, highly recommended! I've had a few glitches here and there, but, once reported, the developer really did his best to fix them.
Parvus, many thanks to you, you're doing some righteous job!
bymark1, July 2, 2012
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Nice one, thanks a ton for this!
I had no issues installing and using it so far, with latest J2.5 and a big bunch of other extensions!
bymark1, October 24, 2009
Many thanks, the extension is awesome.
The only thing, there is an issue with UTF-8: it generates keywords looking like "?????, ????, ????".
How to solve: I just found the file 'SEOGenerator.php'. In it I replaced functions 'strtolower' to 'mb_strtolower'. And that's all. =)