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Event Booking
The component has worked really well for me and the developer, Tuan, is very professional and responsive. I think the component will be highly satisfactory for most user but it does need some enhancements in future versions in order for users to take full advantage of its features. I'm giving it 5 stars though because Tuan has been very helpful.

- Easy to set up
- Functions as described
- Includes very useful features such as custom fee fields (which a lot of other components do not have)
- Easy customization of email templates and messages
- Again, the awesome support

Cons / Areas of needed improvement
Here's where some sophistication in the component could make it simply awesome...
- If you have two events enabled, you can not have different currencies for each one (unless you pay extra for that as a custom feature). I think this needs to be a part of the core code.
- If you use custom fee fields, all the members of a Group Registration are applied the same fees. For example, if you have a dinner option for your event and someone would like to register a group but not every member of the group wants to go the dinner, then the members of that group must register as individuals.
Store Locator
None of the store locators are perfect and you'd have to merge them all to get a complete package. However, I demo'ed them all and in my opinion the newest version of Sysgen's Store Locator is the best.

Pros: Custom fields, separate search module, multiple categories, toggle on/off loading of map, language files, and yes you can search for any location in the world on a single map.

Cons: (More of a feature suggestion list) no option for text-only results, no toggle between miles and kilometers on a single map.
RSform Pro
The guys at RS have nearly perfected a forms component for Joomla. RSPro is really feature-rich and versatile - there seems to be a lot here to tap into. Smooth admin interface, nice front-end layouts, easy PayPal integration for pay on submit .. what more could you ask for? If the answer is "Great support" they've got that too! I highly recommend this extension.