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bymarleyman, October 23, 2014
Event Gallery
I've developed Joomla Site professional for a very long time and was ready for a new Photo Gallery Component. I found Event Gallery, read the Reviews & decided to try it. WOW! Easy Install & Configuration. I figured out the settings without needing to read the Docs but they did supply Support Docs which are very good. I ran into an image upload problem, contacted the Developer & heard back in about a minute! What else is left to say? Except I'll be investing in the Event Gallery Extended just to help support this great extension! Try Event Gallery today, you'll be so glad you did!
bymarleyman, February 3, 2013
OS Property
I wasted my money purchasing another Joomla Real Estate Listing Component which ended up with tons of errors and no support. I wasted more time researching and trying to find a good Joomla Real Estate Listing Component. FINALLY, I found OS Property! The price of this Component is excellent! It is way beyond worth the little you pay for it! Very robust, very easy to use and very easy to make changes to. Dam's support if by far, the BEST that I have ever seen, and I have been working with Joomla for over 10 years! I will continue purchasing Dam's Components exclusively because I know for sure, that they will be far superior than anything out there!
bymarleyman, June 5, 2012
ACL Manager
I develop a great deal of Joomla sites and I always need to give my clients backend access for one reason or another, but I never want to give them FULL backend access. I have messed around and wasted tons of time with other backend access components and after reading the reviews, I decided to try ACL Manager: HELLO! Finally a backend access component that was easy to use and that made sense!!! I even emailed Support to ask where the "How To Manual" was, but I figured out how to use it in about a minute anyway! In fact, it only took Support 2 minutes to reply to my email! Love this component and Love their Support! Well Done!!
AcyMailing Starter
I could not rate AcyMailing high enough!

I purchased Acajoom Pro and also paid Acajoom for additional customization work, because their Component did not do what we needed it to do. We used Acajoom Pro for months and were completely unsatisfied with the way it was written, how much memory it ate up when it was sending out emails, and with their "support"...IF you heard back from their support - it took forever and their message to you was usually a canned, generic reply.

AcyMailing installed in seconds - literally.
We sent out our first Newsletter to over 6,300 subscribers...when I say it was as fast as lightening - I ain't kidding! It was SUPER fast!
And NO strain on our Server!

It is very easy to use, in fact I haven't had to look at a manual once so far! It's very intuitive.

The Statistics on this Component are by far the most advanced that I've ever seen before.

AcyMailing does so much more than any other Component out fact, I'm still finding new stuff this Component can do!

I had absolutely no hesitation buying the Enterprise version of AcyMailing. Are you kidding me? $130 bucks for something as advanced as this system is? NO BRAINER!!

And something that I am still shocked about - their Support. Adrien from AcyMailing contacted me back IMMEDIATELY when I contacted them. He even did some customization for us...IMMEDIATELY!
Now that's SUPPORT!

I have been building Joomla sites for many years...AcyMailing is in my opinion, the best Newsletter Component for Joomla out there, and they have the best Support that a commercial Joomla Extension could possibly have.

You need a Newsletter Component for your Joomla site? Run don't walk, anad buy AcyMailing!!