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bymarnie1310, January 21, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
Great extension, did everything I needed and more. Switched from using Communicator because of all the extra features in AcyMailing Starter that make sending mass email so much more straight forward.
bymarnie1310, October 30, 2008
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Couldn't be easier, easily configurable including CSS templating. Install it, create a menu item to it and it's done.
bymarnie1310, October 30, 2008
This makes life so much easier, changing any files from within Joomla itself rather than having to set up FTP access/software. So good, it's part of my base install for all Joomla projects.
bymarnie1310, September 2, 2008
Simple Image Gallery
It's quick, easy and straightforward. Shame about the html code appearing in the alt and title fields but was able to change these in the code. Nice background gradient on the thumbnails.
bymarnie1310, September 2, 2008
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This was almost what I needed but it feels unfinished so although it did kind of work it lacks the additional features to make it worth using.
Owner's reply

Yes, it is unfinished, but yes, I (but who am I) find it very usable.
What features do you miss? It will never be implemented if you just leave it this way. It may be implemented if you enter them at
Hope to see you there!

bymarnie1310, August 28, 2008
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Great tool which saved hours of development in writing some pretty complex forms. Even easier if you need standard stuff. Great support from the forum, was able to overcome every issue from past posts. Our Joomla site is now exactly what we needed thanks to ChronoForms.
bymarnie1310, August 28, 2008
Akeeba Backup
This turned out to be exactly what was needed. Produces backup files in minutes with no fuss and plenty of options.

Was able to move our Joomla project between domains with this tool which saved hours of configuration.

Excellent extension, so good it should be included as standard.