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bymarnijderr, January 23, 2014
Integrating Moodle and Joomla seamlessly, this extension delivers 100%. I have had no issues creating Moodle/Joomla sites that integrate so well a few clients couldn't believe the Course offerings weren't part of Joomla. The automation of syncing users, groups, login's and a shopping cart for course payment and enrollment (I use HikaShop) has saved me hours of work.
Joomdle has many plugins to integrate with other Joomla 3rd-party extensions as well.
To new users I would suggest looking for a good customizable Moodle Template, as the look and feel of Moodle is within Moodle, it is not going to be able to pick-up your template styles. But that is not the fault of Joomdle. Find a good template you can customize slightly to match your Joomla site and you are well on your way.
I couldn't live without this extension.
bymarnijderr, June 18, 2013
I have multiple feeds that need to go to various places, including many different FaceBook pages, all coming from one web site. I installed this component and in 3 minutes all my feeds were going straight to Facebook, nicely styled and hitting the correct pages. Excellent RSS extension, even looks good in Readers. I highly recommend it!
bymarnijderr, May 11, 2013
I teach, and develop, many Joomla! web sites. Over the years I have matched the appropriate CCK with the clients needs. Seblod is quickly becoming my number one choice. The ability to grow the site with the client, integrate seamlessly with the Joomla core, and build applications makes Seblod a must have for all my new clients. It is not as easy to learn, so know it will take a little bit of time. For it's many capabilities however, it is not difficult either. If you can think it, Seblod can do it.
bymarnijderr, June 11, 2012
This extension is comes with many features needed in customizing and controlling user registration. A huge plus is it writes directly to the Joomla user tables, so no need to constantly make sure your users are in sync with the component. You can create custom fields and add them to the registration process, and send multiple emails for each step of the registration process. Another plus is the ability to assign email addresses to the registration process, so if you have distribution lists this comes in really handy. If a full community extension like CB or JomSocial is overkill for your site, but you need a more complete and customizable registration solution with statistics, extra fields, and statistics, definitely get this extension. Very easy to use and install, even for beginners.
bymarnijderr, June 6, 2012
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I was probably one of the few developers sorry to see the Polls module go away in Joomla 2.5. The sites I run need heavy feedback from users to stay current. This handy extension is an excellent and more robust way to collect user data. I run multiple Joomla web sites with very different audiences, this extension helps me collect data from my users quickly and efficiently. I cannot always rely on newsletters to collect info, and this extension did the trick. Easy to install and easy to use. I will now be recommending this extension to a multitude of my corporate clients.