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bymarse1717, July 27, 2014
Media Store by ExtStore
This is so simple and easy to configure and use. And it does everything I need it to do with several gateways built in and many, many options.
I wanted to create products with fees only - similar to a downloadable product but without the download. This cart actually has a SERVICE product option to create those fees. Also, since this is a private (closed) website (using only PayPal) and billing information isn't required once a client is registered to the site, I only wanted the client to have to buy the service and head to PayPal without filling out a bunch of crap. Yep, this does that after only asking for an email address to send the receipt.
My only complaint is that the products go in as different sizes on the product page so they look uneven like a Pinterest wall. Rather have the option to ahve the products conform to an even "wall" appearance like another component I'm using on a larger e-commerce site.
Very intuitive, simple, great GUI and feature-packed for a great price. Highly recommended for those who need something clean and easy to configure.
bymarse1717, October 13, 2013
This a great port of the old SQL2Excel and it delivers. I had a minor problem that was solved with more than one solution in a very timely manner. Anyone with a site with members or database records that need to be exported for use have to have this. I'm shocked that CBSubs or similar don't offer it built-in. This is what you need for your clients (or yourself) who need front end (or backend, of course) capabilities with user lists. Fantastic.