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bymarsgow, October 18, 2011
Flyout Tabs
I really really liked this module at first but then one of my client's helpers said the tabs were covering the website itself. Well it so happens that on a screen set to lower resolution the tabs do cover the site obviously but not so obvious at first. Of course ideally we all want our screens to be set to high resolution but there will be people out there with lower resolutions monitors. It is a very cool module and I would have loved to use this.
Owner's reply

marsgow, thanks for your review of Flyout Tabs and yes, the tabs can cover part of your website when viewed from low-res monitors. A work-around is to design your tabs in a column format and set the module's option to only show the least amount of each tab when not in mouseover mode. This is what I had to do for a client faced with the same issue.

bymarsgow, May 11, 2010
Akeeba Backup
Wow thank you for developing this! I made my site in a subdirectory and had to move it to the main and was expecting a huge headache to transfer everything over the old fashion way. Nope! Found this component and it was a breeze! Seriously this needs to be in everyone one's arsenal!! Thank you so much!! After reading the documentation and following the instructions I was done in less then 5 minutes! Whoo Hoo!