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bymarshull, November 10, 2006
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It works very well as a basic chat. Here are some of my issues though.
Chat is persistant. Meaning that everything said seems to hang around for a long time so when folks log in, they can read everything that was said prior to them entering the room. I could not see a way to clear the chat.
Must click on the send button to send a message. Small issue but still annoying.
The rotating banner on the home page. I dont want a banner there. No way I can see to get rid of it.
Was goofing around and tried to log in as Steve but then found out that, "steve - this global username is already in use" So I guess my users better have a unique name then.
Owner's reply

Chat is not persistant, you can set room configuration to not display old messages to chatters who enter room.

Absolutely no need to click on "send" button to submit messages, simply hit enter.

There will be option for customers to disable banners (it is working progress under testing)

Your site member's usernames are UNIQUE (only guests are checked against global usernames).