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bymartinjonson, July 5, 2013
Freestyle FAQs
I tried 5 different FAQ extensions , and this is was by far the best one. It had everything I wanted except for the ability to sort questions alphabetically - I asked the developer if I could pay him to help me do this through their forum, and he immediately replied with a solution free of charge.

Never experienced such expedient and helpful support for an already great free product. Highly recommended!
bymartinjonson, April 5, 2009
This is by far the best form component I have tried to date (and I have tried both free and commercial ones before this). Extremely easy to use and produces very nice looking and sleek forms (unlike a well known commercial product I have tried previously..)

The only thing that bugged me was a slight glitch in the Wizard form creator. When saving the form, the lightbox would constantly insist on being just below my field of vision, and scrolling down caused it to jump down further, creating an endless white page where you could never quite catch up with the bugger. This, however, only occured on the part where you design your form. Changing to the e-mail page was all it took for the form to be saved.
bymartinjonson, August 9, 2008
Phoca Favicon
This is an excellent component! The download, installation and creation of a new favicon took about 1 minute all in all - timesaver!