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bymartix, July 14, 2014
Fox Contact Form
Ive been using it since it was free.
I would agree that this would have a free-limited-ad version. I just downloaded the paid version and Im happy with it.
bymartix, January 25, 2011
Rapid Contact
Its so simple and easy to use, the only thing I would apreciate is the use of captcha on it.

Thanks and congrats!
Owner's reply

Thanks for reviewing.

There is a version with ReCaptcha, added by a user. You can contact me at if you wish to get it.

bymartix, January 7, 2011
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Virtual Domains
It does wahat it says!
Im really pleased with the results,
great extension, regardless it is still beta it simply works, It lacks some documentation, and (for me important) sh404sef support.

Congrats to Michael for such a great plugin

bymartix, June 29, 2008
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Sorry, I usually dont post this, but Im really really dissapointed and frustrated, I spent almost 1 month to discover, that Artio was causing duplicated metatags, my pagerank is on hell, google simply kicks me off, and then I started to use adwords (to try to recover something..)

Im using another SEF, really dont worth install it,please dont waste your time, efforts pagerank etc etc, Its really a shame. sorry author, but you need to fix this ASAP, Im really frustrated and disapointed.
Owner's reply

Hi, you do not write any details here say what to improve or so. I would bet, that if you had any problems, it was just a matter of wrong configuration. JoomSEF is just a tool to help you improve SEO, but it will not do it with no effort at your side. It cannot do miracles, if it is configured wrong. Sorry.