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bymartyd, July 20, 2013
IF for no other reason, Chronoforms believes in supporting ChronoForms and other Chrono products. Max has always answered any reach out when needed. If you are having trouble understanding a product that required forms and data ChronoForms and its developer will help. I have never failed to get answers and support for the product.
bymartyd, February 13, 2012
RSform Pro
Having worked with RSJOOMLA for a couple of years, my first experiences had moments of frustration. However, my first purchase and install eventually served to provide for an online registration and payment form for a client. The process worked well.

Now, with JOOMLA 2.5, the following must be noted, 1)RSJOOMLA keeps their products in synch with JOOMLA development, 2)RSJOOMLA products are VERY affordable, 3)The current version of RSFORMSPRO is by far the best FORMS program I have experienced. I have had many hours of trial and error, as well as developer support of other forms products. I have tried them all but RSFORMSPRO now has to be one of the strongest extensions to do the job it does. I think support has stepped up a bit. Their attitude is less condecending and more helpful. I can only tell you that if RSFORMSPRO will not fill your online form needs, you may need custom programming. I have also purchased other RSJOOMLA product, am satisfied but probably not qualified to provide a proper review until opportunties to better understand their functionality is available.
bymartyd, September 4, 2010
Initially, JOOMLASTATS catches one's eye for a statistics module. However j4AGE needs to be the statistics module to use. The addition of an extension installer within an extension was initially confusing but once figured out, realized just how valuable the process. It should be a convention utilized by other extension developers. While I was impressed with what I saw in JOOMLASTATS, I was always bothered by the apparent lack of update in recent time frames. I am always on guard as to the state of continuing development and support. j4AGE is apparently the extension of choice with continuing development and support. Thankfully, I have discovered j4AGE before getting more than a couple of JOOMLASTATS installs. j4AGE is definitely the statistics component of choice. As addendum, I much prefer onsite statistics processing over feeding advantages to the GOOGLE types.
bymartyd, August 27, 2010
At first, I was frustrated that no matter what I tried, I could not get the sigPLUS to work. It seemed I had done everything but something was amiss. Instead of giving up, I tried contacting the developer which lead to a quick, courteous and efficient assit with making the sigPLUS gallery work as expected. The flexibility of placing images within content is great to have as well as the ability to build an image gallery. If one follows instructions, image titling and alt tags are a breeze to deal with. I can see this being a plugin that provides simplicity for placing images anywhere on the site and have variations for display and other image control. If there is a better and more flexible gallery plugin, I may never find out as sigPLUS will do all that I see need be done! Thanks to the developer. Be sure you donate to his effort! What is even better is a developer that supports their development and doesn't make one do handstands just to make contact.