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RSform Pro
First the form component itself, it is simply THE best form component out there. Whether you want simple, email forms or more comprehensive forms that allow POSTing of data to multiple URL's, access to Javascript and PHP scripting, built in CSS, this is the component for you. The ONLY con I have, and it could be looked at as a PRO, is that the customisation options are SO comprehensive, the documentation hasn't kept up with it. Having said that, the support is non-pareil/sin-iqual/without equal. These guys don't go just the extra yard, they go the extra mile. I cannot recommend this component more highly... you should get the paid version just to experience the level of support. This is what all good software is about..
bymartyp, May 26, 2010
Vinaora Cu3er
For a free module this is great, easy to install and configure. I actually think the custom configuration files are easier to use then the Joomla GUI interface. One setting I can't for the life of me find, a duration for the slide to display setting? How long the slide displays BEFORE the next tween? There's a duration for the transition, and a delay between each tween but... I can't find the overall slide display timer, is their one? Otherwise, simply brilliant...
bymartyp, March 26, 2010
There are a huge number of really good extensions written for Joomla. The difference between the really good and the excellent is what Peter has discovered and delivers, support. Not only do his components do what he says they will, more often then not with without any problems, when you do have problems his support is... simply the best I've ever experienced from any person or company I've ever dealt with. Long may he continue to give his time and expertise to the rest of the Joomla community.