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bymary.annich, May 21, 2012
Joomla is an excellent CMS, but what makes it really great is the prolific Joomla community (9.447 extensions at the time of this review!). Tabulizer is one these extensions that could make me choose Joomla over another CMS. I'm developing a site for food aficionados with recipes and restaurant info and reviews. Tabulizer helped me greatly to add info in tables very fast. One of its features I used a lot is the replacement functionality which allows me let's say to type 5S that Tabulizer converts to a five star image (I have created a replacement rule that replaces text 5S with html code to display a five star image). Another great thing is since the site is still in development, if in the future I decide to change to Joomla template I can simply change a single CSS file and all the tables created with Tabulizer will adjust to the new theme.