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Reviews(1), November 14, 2010
I was initially ecstatic over this chat software-- until I discovered my users were NEVER logged off by the Joomla auto-logoff. Their ajax routine to poll the database is causing Joomla to interpret that as a page load and update the _sessions table continuously. I brought this issue to the attention of the authors, but their response was to submit a request for custom development.

If you don't mind your "users online" information to be inaccurate and inflated and don't mind that your users will think their friends are on line and available to chat even when they really aren't, then this chat software is wonderful, easy-to-install, and works great. I WOULD give it excellent if not for this issue, as it is it is hard for me to give it an average rating.
Owner's reply

Ah ! I think our support team might have misinterpreted your request ! I see what you mean. We will get this fixed in the upcoming versions :)


Techjoomla Team