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bymaryswave, May 13, 2014
DMC Firewall Professional
I have had an issue of high bandwidth usage on a website that has been idle for a while and gets little real traffic but I need to start working it again and so I was trying to band the bot attacks with ip banning on the cPanel but keeping up with the bots was problematic. It seems like once they find you have a blogging component installed they attack attack attack and change their ips over and over.. I am hopeful this will solve this bandwidth problem I am having. Thank You.
bymaryswave, May 4, 2013
Fabulous easy to use banner manager I setup for a not for profit site. Works perfectly and highly customizable. Multiple banners can run on the same page, which was not possible with the built in Joomla banner manager. Too bad other people don't know how to either read or use Joomla to post a better review.
bymaryswave, March 26, 2012
SEO Boss
I am now able to add the tags easily without having to modify the template files! Fabulous considering upgrading to paid version!
bymaryswave, October 12, 2011
JS Events Booking Pro
I have tried a number of paid and free event management components and this one has the best layout for my website.

Will stick with it as it improves.
bymaryswave, March 5, 2011
En Masse
Thumbs up for this component. I was searching high and low for a way to use Joomla to make a deal site and this one, even though it has a way to go, is the ticket... or the coupon... so to speak. The price is well worth it. It is not expensive in any way shape or form when compared to what else is out there and how far this one has come.
bymaryswave, December 10, 2010
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Invoice Manager
It is an affordable way to accept invoice payments from customers when starting out. One thing that would be good is to be able to easily see the updated account information the customer puts in. Can't see that in the back end when logged in as Administrator.
bymaryswave, December 2, 2010
I wanted to add phone number field to my registration page without having to use a community type product. The additional fields like age confirmation may come in handy too at some point. I recommend it!