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bymashdun, May 1, 2012
I don't write reviews often, but after installing this I thought I'd give the developer some props. I've used almost all the video extensions and this is by far the best and makes it easy to have a video gallery. Styling is very clean and looks great. Documentation is not very good, but if you look in the forum, you can find your solution or at least I did. It's basically a commercial extension since you have to buy a license to remove or change the "Your Logo Here" watermark over the bottom corner of the video player. But at only $49... I'm going to pay it because it's just a great extension. Not sure how it can get much better, but keep up the good work guys. Hope to see other extensions from this developer!
Owner's reply


Thanks for your feedback.

Already, We have decided to remove that "Your Logo Here" watermark from our next version. And very soon, we will be updating our Documentation section more clear than it's now.

Hope, you would love it.

Best Regards,
Vinoth Kumar

bymashdun, February 25, 2010
HD FLV Player
We have purchased a license and have tried to use this on two sites. We are using local FLV files and they won't play correctly. They act like they are trying to load before starting. Sometimes one video plays for a few seconds, then another video starts playing. It plays for a few seconds, then it stops.

Support says it's not the player, it has something to do with the video, which is not true. The same videos play perfectly in All Videos Reloaded.

I see now that this was a big mistake purchasing this component. I suggest to stay away from it.
Owner's reply

Apologize for any inconvenience.

Please find the solution for the issue in the link given below

There are several demo and licensed version working perfectly fine with all the file formats. .FLV files shouldn't be a problem at all. We are providing fully featured player for free in DEMO version. Am not sure what made you to purchase two licenses when you had problem with the demo version. We do provide support even for people using the demo version.

You have stated that, player has to buffer completely before it start playing videos. This will happen only if the video has metadata binded at the end of the video.

Metadata is nothing but the video info which contains duration of the video, video format etc. When this is binded at the end of the video player could not recognize the file, thats the reason player wait till it found the metadata on the video.

Also you can see here that we provide prompt support for all our customers. We would still glad to help you if you could raise a ticket from

Thanks. Looking forward to working with you.

bymashdun, October 23, 2009
I honestly don't understand how some people can take direct shots at degrading developers of FREE extensions for Joomla, even if it is just one or two people.

People put their free time into developing extension to share with everyone. If you think you put out a better extension or could help with a project, why not put your free time into helping instead of degrading someone's effort. I think some people miss the point of Open Source. This is a problem with a lot of the Joomla community. If it's free give constructive feedback to help it get better.

As far as Fabrik goes, I think it's an excellent extension. Keep up the good work!