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bymatheusgrafix, December 19, 2013
Compago Blank Module
I saw flexi code and another extension which were closer to the top of the search I made about custom code, both extensions interested me, but as I noticed one was last updated on September 2012 and the other one on October 2012, I was concerned about my website security, then I kept reading the search results until I found this one almost in the end of the page. I'm glad I searched a little more, cause this one was updated 9 days ago and that makes me trust the developer, knowing that he won't abandon his project. If I need to buy or make a custom request, I know who I'll hire now. Everything is working fine to me.
Just a little note: One using custom php, you can't use , that's probably for security reasons, but the developer should find a way out to let the user use them freely.
bymatheusgrafix, May 8, 2012
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It took me almost two hours to configure and read the documentation/search the forums to find out how to set the permissions. Now users can create, edit and delete their own categories and images, but they also have the option to see other users galleries inside "My galleries" tab along with the create, edit and delete buttons, even though they can't do anything to the other users galleries. I need something that won't allow them to see other users galleries inside "My galleries" tab. Having your gallery inside another user menu is ridiculous.

It was very tiring to make this work, and now I realize that what I did was a loop, that's why I gave it Very Poor rating. If it were easy to configure, and fully functional, I'd give Excellent rate and would also donate for the project, specially if it supported Community Builder.

I don't want to offend you, I just need you to pay attention at my issue and make this extension become what it means to be, an excellent extension.
bymatheusgrafix, May 7, 2012
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Community Builder
If you need a gallery, you have to pay for it, or use an older version of CB, because just the version 1.2 of CB profile gallery (commercial) will work with the latest version of CB in Joomla 2.5.

In CB almost every extension is payed, and the minimum membership value is 1 year for € 65 / $ 87 / Fr. 80. Don't know about you, but I think that's very expansive.

That's the first time I see a social extension without a photo gallery by default, that's the basic of every social extension/cms.

What is a social network without pictures?
bymatheusgrafix, April 15, 2012
Admin Tools
When it comes to security, every Joomla user must install this extension, because having a htpassword and many other features protecting your system will make your security like 99% more effective.

It strongly protect your site, I recommend it.
bymatheusgrafix, March 30, 2011
I installed, configured, and created the categories, but nothing works from the frontend, it displays the categories, but once I click a link I get back to where I was. I opened a topic on their forum yesterday, they still havent answered it, the point is, I'm urge with that, as I saw a lot of people here saying that there's no longer support for the component, the way I see is to try another classifieds ads.
For now I'm gonna install another component, disable that one, and wait for their support.
bymatheusgrafix, February 17, 2011
Panel Sharing
I installed the plugin, it worked great in Fire Fox, but when I oppend the site with IE all my Css was broken, and I think that the Java Script too, I just know that I couldnt see nothing behind the main menu (navigation, on the header). After disabling the plugin, everything backed to normal.
I really like that plugin, but unfortunately I cant use something that wont work in FF and IE at the same time.

Owner's reply

try the 2.0