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bymatt2047, July 8, 2011
I've been using SermonSpeaker for the better part of a year now, and beating my computer screen in frustration since the beginning of that ordeal.

I was a little wary downloading/installing this one, but my fears were groundless. This extension is FABULOUS!! You can tell when a developer puts excellence into their extension -- it shows up in all the little areas to me. Simple things like the spacing, the fonts, the "look and feel"... everything is just ready to go right out the box.

THANK YOU for such a wonderful extension!!
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This was an absolutely perfect fit for me. The component does exactly what it describes, and I was pleased to find it was easy to install and configure. Simply because there are so many parameters available, it makes it almost confusing at first. It took me less than a 3 minutes to see how it all came together, though.

What is worth all 5 stars here with this one though is the SUPPORT. Douglas fully backs his component, and I have experienced nothing but prompt and courteous and helpful support since installing this on my site. Thumbs up if you agree that's worth the $25 for this -- I'd gladly pay that five times over if needed. Nothing like having stellar support for paid Joomla extensions, and you'll have that here.