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bymattsson, April 19, 2014
jSecure Lite
This is an easy to set up extension that does just what it says. Thank you! Thank you for the good documentation too: I forgot to hit "save" after setting my keyword then logged out to test my new administrator login URL and it didn't work. Luckily the jSecureLite help page at another website at which I'd already installed jSecureLite, told me how to log in.
bymattsson, December 28, 2010
I installed JComments at a Joomla 1.5.21 website.

I was pleased that the configuration page showed up right after install.

I like having each configuration option briefly explained right on the form.

This is the first commenting tool I've installed. At my client's website, there is a page for each of four books, and we want visitors to be able to comment on each book. JComments seems to have everything I need. The main feature I wanted was for the website owner to be able to moderate the comments, and that seems to be really easy, especially with the moderation links right in the notification emails.

I also like the ability to set permissions by user role.

I'm an intermediate Joomla web developer.

We decided to let unregistered users comment. If we had wanted to restrict comments to only registered users, JComments would have let me set up that too.
bymattsson, October 14, 2010
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
I've installed Bigshot Google Analytics at a few Joomla websites now and it has worked well every time: easy to install and then configure in the plugins manager. Just fill in the account ID found in the tracking code snippet Google provides you from your Google Analytics account.

It would be interesting to know why Bigshot Google Analytics still properly sends tracking information to your GA account even though the code snippet in GA is different than the code inserted by Bigshot.
bymattsson, March 11, 2010
A couple of years ago I needed an editor that website owners could use that wouldn't unformat the hand-coded HTML in my articles. I tried another Joomla editor but that turned out to insert extra characters in my links. Finally I tried out the JCE editor because it was popular at and it was just right.

I actually need to learn to use JCE myself, because other Joomla developers tell me JCE is their favorite Joomla editor and it saves them time compared to hand-coding HTML.

Thanks to the JCE developers for providing this editor and keeping it up to date with Joomla.
bymattsson, October 19, 2009
Installed without a hitch on my Joomla 1.5.14 site. I chose to link to the HTML format of the site map from a link in my website's footer. I chose to turn off the menu names in the site map display, excluded one page from the site map, and turned off developer credit link, thanks for those options.

Thanks to the other reviewers for explaining how to find the options/preferences menu that contains links to the site map URL's. I was pretty lost until I read those notes.
bymattsson, May 28, 2008
JCK Editor
I find the JoomlaFCK editor to be as good as the capable TinyMCE default editor that comes with Joomla 1.5 AND it reformats the HTML source after some other editor has "munged" the source by taking out all the white space. That reformatting is the main reason I really like the JoomlaFCK editor, but I also like its image upload feature.

I installed JoomlaFCK on a Joomla 1.5.0 installation, and JoomlaFCK 2.5.15 on a Joomla 1.0.13 installation. It seems to work fine in both cases, though I tried out just a few features, mainly editing HTML source and images.
Owner's reply

Hi mattsson, did you know that the 2.6x series is the ‘only Joomla! editor’ that offers control over the ‘Auto format’ tool and therefore perfect for those advance-users. It can NOW be switched OFF and ON, either globally in the plug-in or on editor’s tool-bar, or on the fly by right clicking the mouse in the content area. Thanks for your encouragement! d:0)