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bymattyj714, January 26, 2013
Ok it is not often I review but this one is well earned. It's not often I purchase software and once again WOW this was 110% worth it. It was kind of pricey so it took me a while to actually make the purchase.

The installation was flawless, and I was making plans in no time. I took time to skim through the documentation but im not much of a reader so read what i felt important and kept it on hand. Everything is well labelled and it is pretty straight forward. I have tried used other membership solutions before and this one is pretty easy compared to some.

The back end is loaded with options that can be a little confronting at first but once I flicked through everything and played around on a test site first I was ready to try it for real.

Once again it was simple, my members have not had any complaints, along with community builder cbsubs has helped me to automate a few scripts that I used to have to manually setup by hand and upload to the server into self service instant access products.

I love the way it took control of the whole joomla site with out being in the way so I can lock down items by menu, component, module, article or even individual CB fields which I love. I can see so much hard work has gone into this project.

It did not seem to affect site load times in any way and the component it self so far seems incredibly fast.

Well done and i look forward to more integration options with more components.
bymattyj714, November 8, 2012
Ive used a few invite systems and have always like openinviter but found the joomla integration a little cumbersome. I purchased this and have to say the install was simple, works flawlessly and support was fantastic. I was also happy to see it uses openinviter as well so you have heaps of options when it comes to importing contacts.