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bymaueug, March 28, 2013
System - Nomad
Really usefull this extension. I had some problems in the beginning because you must set redirect of your login module (after login...) to HOME PAGE, otherwise it don't works. Only one problem : the redirection is not to the page, but to the article of the page! (So you can't have modules on the page (exemple : logout....) on the same operation. But great function and I thanks.
Owner's reply

I think you're confused, or don't know how to configure your site for this extension. Redirection is to a menu item, and that menu item (page) can most certainly contain modules. This plugin is designed to send users to an alternate homepage when the home link is clicked.

Additionally, redirect-after-login isn't a feature of this extension, but it can be achieved if your login module is configured to send users to the homepage.

You're negatively impacting my extension rating based on things the extension isn't designed to do.