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bymauro.bieg, January 24, 2010
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Flexi Contact
I really love the back-end: simple and you can choose how many custom text boxes to show.

But the html on the website is unfortunately full of unnecessary tables (instead of a few clean divs and labels/inputs) and i get 12(!) html markup errors (
Owner's reply

I think it is rather unfair to post such a comment here without contacting me first. Html validation is template dependent as it depends on your Doctype and xml namespace. If you give me details of the problem of course I will fix it. Just posting a negative review helps nobody.

bymauro.bieg, January 8, 2010
PHP Image Editor Lite Joomla
does exactly what it says, simple, easy to use, fast. nothing to complain, really.

you can also use it while editing articles with the image button below the text entry field.