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bymaverickws, June 24, 2012
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Well I installed this extension based on the previous votes and rating.
After installing it I went on, created a new poll, the editor had lotsa smiles and stuff, big fields for the eye challenged, ok I guess created a new poll ease.
Title formatting totally inappropriate for my website.
Looked on the extension options how to format the title, nothing. Searched on the web, and found a similar issue on the dev's forums.
Official moderator reply: "
Yes, please install Firebug or equivalent and identify the file/code to change."
resuming all the topic: Go to which ever CSS you want to edit and change the Hexcode there.
Ok so the colors of the answers were almost unreadable since I hava a dark template, the question and title were enormous and the colors were awful. So I'm starting to see here all the trouble JUST to get the title font smaller and in another color, plus the question plus the answers.
I got a nicer solution for this, it's called: delete the extension.

Thanks it was worth the try but I didn't find this anywhere near customizable friendly.
Indeed the extension has it's potential, but it has too many options just for the question editor and none for more (imo) important details.
Also, I'm often more fond to contribute to FREE and CLEAN projects than for projects that despite free include copyrights and that make me lose time (and money) to remove them (yes I saw a how to in the forums).