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bymaxentropy, September 10, 2013
AJAX Register
Emir has done a fantastic job with this component. I had a minor issue with the K2 plugin conflicting with the ajax register plugin and it was patched within hours of contacting the developer. WOW!

If you need custom fields in your Joomla! registration then look no further. This extension works perfectly and if it doesn't you can count on Emir to help quickly.

I think the latest release added conditional fields so now the solution is perfect.
bymaxentropy, April 7, 2013
TrackTime PRO
I bought this extension when it was brand new and was unsure how I liked it. But now after many updates and direct contact with Davide the developer I am confident that this is an excellent extension that will only get better. The developer is very responsive and helpful which makes any extension better.

It has access credential management that allows me to send my client a pdf. It tracks the time I spend on client sites with a plugin and has many features I haven't even used yet. My team can login and see their tasks and my managers can see all the tasks. So far it is exactly what I needed.

It is geared towards Europe right now or at least countries with a VAT al bit now but I'm sure an update for that is in the works.

For the most part you can be up and running right out of the box so to speak but the extension is very powerful so there is a bit of a learning curve but I am glad I put in the time. Now instead of searching my Gmail I have everything in one spot inside my Joomla! site.

I am really happy with the extensions manager though I have just started using it. No more fielding questions from team members about which extension to use where and for what. Awesome!

Thanks Davide great work! Keep the features coming.

Terry Arthur
The eclectic Easel