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bymaxfrever, March 8, 2010
As someone who has quite literally spent 6 months buying every Classified Ad component for Joomla and testing it's pants off, I have to tell you that Joomclan is the only game in town. While it's true that there have been some issues in the past, if you're in the market for classified ad software, this is the one. Where it outperforms the others brilliantly is in its handling of "packages" ie. what a user can buy to post ads. Some parts of it have made me cry, and there is obviously a development cycle in full swing as we speak, but the developer listens and is well on his way to setting the benchmark for this type of software. The current version is 2.1.6 beta and is safe for purchase as far as I can tell.
bymaxfrever, April 5, 2009
VM Affiliate
I rarely give reviews for commercial products but VM Affiliate deserves 5 stars. It works seamlessly and integrates neatly and it's so intuitive. Congratulations to the team. Excellent support. See? All those caffeine-fuelled late nights were worth it.