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bymaxmmize, November 24, 2011
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nBill Lite
Joomla Billing System, nBill, is a great, intuitive, cost effective, and total solution for users wanting a true integrated Joomla billing system. I will tell you why:

I have been researching Joomla billing systems for 2 months. I tried every single non-commercial Joomla billing system and Joomla Billing Systems that are less than 50.00. so, I have compared and contrasted to nearly every Joomla Billing System out there!

I am a Joomla developer and have products on the JED myself. So, I know what it takes to develop an application, provide support and maintain development releases to keep up with Joomla versions.

Having said all of that, I can tell you that this Joomla Billing System solution is by far, the best Joomla Billing Solution on the market.

This Joomla billing system provides all of the functions any company or person needs to provide billing support for their Joomla website.

The system supports every popular payment method which makes it stand out among the rest.

The Joomla billing system, nBill, has more features than you would think that you need. It has been well thought out and on the JED and in development cycles for years, so you know it has been highly influenced by previous Joomla users therefore, it provides solutions that will only dawn on you until you start using one. Ever get a program than start using it and say, "I wish it did this!" Well, this Joomla billing does that! When I started using it I said, well, I wish it did this. I read the huge documentation section that is online and found out that it did perform the function I needed.

More on documentation, the nBill Joomla System has a tremendous amount of highly organized documentation. The documentation is online and in Wiki format. It is broken down into sections that is easily digestible for any user.

Now, even though there is a lot of documentation don't let scare the novice Joomla user. The system is easy to use and understand for the novice user. So, let s talk about interface.

The interface is intuitive. It won't take anyone but 30 minutes to figure out the system. The front and back end displays are easy to understand and are highly influenced by years of feedback. I've watched this billing system mature from years past so I know it has developed mostly by feedback.

I would recommend this Joomla billing system, nBill, for any Joomla user or company wanting a Joomla billing system.

Contacting the developer is easy. I enjoyed being able to chat with him via email. He answered all of my questions and wrote detailed responses to my questions. He is kind an knowledgeable.

If you are looking for a Joomla billing system, one that provides a huge array of payment methods, that offers quotes, sign up forms, custom quotes, user management integration, quote acceptance by your clients, quote modification, and nearly every single function you can imagine - then choose nBill and save yourself hours of research. I did it for you.

I don't write reviews for no apparent reason or to appease the developers or write reviews to noticed by the community or the JED Team.

I write reviews when a program impresses me and functions according to the description. This Joomla billing system does everything that you need. There isn't much left for him to add to make the system better.

I only have one suggestion for the developer and I have emailed him about it. I only mention this to impress upon those reading this review that you can contact the developer and he does take suggestions and if appropriate, does follow through.

In conclusion, if you need a Joomla Billing System, take my advice, check out this software, contact the developer with any questions you have and get started today. You will not be disappointed and you won't be tossing your money out the door.

I wish you all the best of luck on your Joomla Billing endeavors an hope you find as much success as I have.

Thank you for developing the software and supporting it. You are an asset to the Joomla community. Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Wow, what a great review, thank you! I must point out though that this listing is for nBill Lite which does not include all of the features you mentioned.

bymaxmmize, July 18, 2011
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VM Affiliate
Congratulations on a great program, service and great service.

The VirtueMart Joomla Affiliate component is keenly developed and is structured using MVC. The default graphics are perfect. They are professional and very clean. Wow, I was impressed that I didn't have to fumble around to get good looking icons. They were already there!

The entire system is very well thought out. The features are outstanding. So much thought has gone into this component. You can tell when a programmer has used his/her own code because the little features are all there. The one's you would think of if you wrote it, yeah those, it's in there. Tremendous detail and attention to workflow.

The VirtueMart Joomla Affiliate Component integrates with VirtueMart smoothly. No bumps or hiccups. It is very streamlined. Sensational.

The reporting features are excellent and follow the affiliate path into detail. You won't miss a thing. Everything is graphed and funnels are represented nicely.

From an affiliate standpoint, VirtueMart Joomla Affiliate Program is very easy to use and has a fantastic step-by-step instruction that guides the setup of your affiliate account. No hassles, not confusing. That is a must and it can be found in this product.

As a PHP programmer I cannot express how delighted I was to use this program. This program was written with passion. You can just tell, even if you have no programming experience. It exudes all the stuff that great extensions are made of. I would not be surprised to see this as an extension of the month. After all, this integrates with the most popular shopping cart system (VirtueMart) for Joomla and provides an awesome feature (affiliate program) that many Joomla users can benefit from.

The money was well spent. If you are thinking of purchasing a VirtueMart Affiliate Program but just don't know if you should spend the money, I implore you to trust my judgment and the others that have written reviews.

If you are concerned about support, don't be. I have spoken with the development staff regarding a modification and they were quick to respond and happy to help.

The documentation for the Joomla VirtueMart Affiliate Program is great! The answers are all there. You won't need any though. The program is so well written and intuitive that it is very simple to operate. It guides you through the process just by the way the control panel is laid out. Very simple.

Don't pass up this opportunity to expand your online store, your bottom line and your internet exposure.

My only regret is not finding this affiliate program earlier!

Again, *thank you* so much for making my life easier. I spent a little cash but will make so much more with this VirtueMart Joomla Affiliate Component. It's worth it!
bymaxmmize, January 21, 2011
ActiveHelper LiveHelp
Works as designed. Their support is available and solves issues quickly.

Some feature highlights:

Sound when user requires chat and submits chat responses
Good tech support

Recommended if you want a very good chat system that you host on your own server.
bymaxmmize, January 10, 2011
The product:

This product can be customized easily using the built in layout editor. This program has many features that make tweaking it to fit your needs easy.

It sticks to MVC pretty well which makes it easier to wade through if you are doing special options.

The back end controls are very easy to understand. It is geared for novices and professionals.

The best feature I like about this is the layout template editor. You can go in and using the WYSIWYG editor, you can completely change the entire appearance about every page displayed to the user. The only page you cannot edit is the upload form.

The support:

Arno is a great developer and very dedicated. He works hard and is very active in the forum. He is a truly unique developer. He is prompt, respectful and on time.

I recommend this solution. I also recommend donating if you have the opportunity. (He is not pushy about donations, so you have to kind of hunt down his donation link!)
Reports for VirtueMart
I operate a company listed on the JED and know what it takes to provide support and a good product. This company does both. I have been a client for over 1 year and have been very satisfied.

The product is easy to install and works as described. I highly recommend this product if you sell online.

Our company does.
bymaxmmize, May 17, 2010
Live Support Chat
First off, this is by far the best one available for Joomla. Second, it is so slick and has a really great MSN like client that makes it easy to chat with your guests. The alerts are awesome. I actually get a nice sound when someone wants to chat.

DO NOT BOTHER with any other chat client for Joomla. You will waste your time and end up here, hopefully, leaving a review!

Excellent, excellent, excellent!
bymaxmmize, April 9, 2010
Realtyna RPL
This extension is everything you can ask for. It has a very good assortment of features you would expect and want.

I am in the U.S. PST, and when I submit a support ticket in the afternoon, I receive a response by the end of the day. I have not had to request a 'fix' because nothing has been broken. My support included CSS, some modifications I wanted to make to the code, and sales.

The support is responsive, timely and honest. They offer free installation.

The software has an automatic update feature that will save you time and energy. You can elect not to update.

I liked the product, the service and support so much that I bought their Multi-Site Admin component, which is a gem. Updates all of my remote Joomla site core files safely, securely and reliably.

I haven't found anything I don't like about this product.

If you are looking for a real estate solution I highly recommend you try this out. It comes with a money back guarantee.

On the other hand, I tried all, not some, but all of the other solutions and they just don't compare. You will spend more time trying to get them to operate correctly than it is worth. You will spend days trying to get support that doesn't exist. Trust me! Try this one out and become a convert!

You get what you pay for. Don't miss this extension. You will waste your time with the others. I promise you.
bymaxmmize, December 23, 2008
Global News
The best out there. I use it on sites that have tremendous traffic to site that have little traffic. Works like a charm.

It's so easy to customize and the support is super fast.

I recommend this for *all* sites.