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Membership Pro
After evaluating and purchasing many membership subscription plans and throwing a lot of money down the drain, I was lucky to run into OS Membership PRO. Honestly, I was initially suspicious because the cost was so low compared with the ones I tried before in the past without much luck or mileage on my website subscription business. But out of curiosity, I purchased it and installed it.

It installed without a glitch. But due to my poor or low background with extensions, I have never been used to much acclaimed Joomla ACL system since Joomla 1.6 through J2.5. My preference was based on URL restrictions which no other company had and low and behold, Ossolution company led by Juan provided that awesome and unique capability. Boy was it a life saver? Yes it was!

As one who is not used to giving reviews; I can proudly and equivocally declare that the component is five(5) Start and beyond. The component delivers as stated and I love the Coupon functionality as my best option because clients like sales as many Super Stores like Macy’s give in the US. The coupon option makes my website very attractive because I can use it to give competitive quantity pricing.

Next to the Coupon is the ability to setup the Subscription Plans in two attractive formats, horizontally or vertically with images that make the plan sing and impress. My clients love my representation of Gold Plan with a Gold image and Platinum Plan with Platinum…and ad infinitum! It looks professional and jazzy.

Above all, another stellar quality is that the support is very professional and timely with a conscious personal touch from Tuan. I still can’t understand where he gets the energy to provide so much support to clients for a product as low and affordable as his. In a world where others give less for more cut-throat prices, Juan is a breed apart for providing the best product with affordable rate, best services and support.

I highly recommend OS Membership PRO and will continue to buy other extensions from Juan and company.

Thanks folks and keep up with your good work.
bymazyza, November 4, 2013
Flexi Custom Code
This Flexi Custom Code is the best module out there. It is a time saver in that it installs fast after a successful unzipping. It is simple with no complications. It is functional as it does exactly what it claims to do. Above all it is free.
I want to thank the developer and wish to know what other commercial products out there I can buy to support his/her wonderful efforts. If no other commercial products out there; is there a way to make a donation to support the developer(s).
This product is definitely more than five stars. Excellent and super.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks a million!!!!
bymazyza, November 3, 2013
Floating modules
I have been searching for a floating module for a long time without success. Luckily my latest search brought the "Floating Module" as a life saver.

Originally I was skeptical. For that reason, I purchased two because the prices were reasonable. I am elated to report that this is definitely a "Five Star" considering its easy of installation, configuration and affordability.

Above all, when I had a little confusion, the support was very excellent and fast. Within a couple of hours, Neeraj Maurya responed with a solution to my confusion. From what she/he did, it turned out it was my fault to start with.

Take it from me, I don't usually give reviews. But this is the best module that I like a lot since using Joomla2.5 and before.

I will buy more products from you for a job well done. I will not mind donating a litle more money if it is allowed and you show me how to.

Keep up the good job because my website is now unique from the competition because of your wonderful module.

Thanks a lot!
bymazyza, October 1, 2010
I installed with easy and established my folder name and uploaded all my pictures. Bingo everything showed up like a magic.

Thanks a lot.