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bymbai, November 28, 2012
ACL Manager
Very intuitive to handle component that helps managing access rules for all extensions installed.
I received immediate help when I had a minor issue, got excellent support!
A highly recommended extension.
bymbai, August 22, 2012
honestly, working with tables in joomla is a nightmare, specially you have to deal with hundreds of them.
This component has been an outstanding helper to my recent job. As everyone else already stated, it's an enormous timesaver.
I had trouble converting several CSV files that turned out to be not 'well formed' but the developer was very helpful explaining how to solve this.

A small investment into the right tool can make a big difference to your workflow.
This is a 5 star tool.
bymbai, May 15, 2012
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I tried the free version and it worked out of the box in content articles.
However, I could not get it working in Virtuemart 2.0.6. After sending a mail to the developer I received instant support.
They identified a problem related to VM and fixed one of the plugins. All been done within 2 hours or so.
This is a valuable service considering this extension comes for free.

The component is very simple to set up, if you follow the examples on their website.
The free version is a bit limited. Better go for the full version, the price is absolutely fair.
Owner's reply

Thank you! We'll always help you to configure our component - if there are any problems. We guarantee the safety and speed. Thank you for your review!

bymbai, September 23, 2010
Contact Enhanced Component
To me, when it comes to forms the boring part of doing a web site starts.
The more complex, like adding several different forms the more the headache.
At least that's my experience. I used several components in the past, got used to (and got around) various shortcomings too.
This one is a time saver. A (almost) no brainer. Not only does it work out of the box, it works brilliant. Almost every possible tiny requirement my little brain can imagine had been thought of.
No need to hack the code to make it work the way I want. It's truly amazing.
The google map integration is fine&easy, suits most clients needs, but comes with somehow limited features compared to my favorite plugin.
Big plus is the forum - quick, valuable response from the developer. A developer who cares about his product and customers.
Thanks to the well commented CSS customized layout changes can be done in no time.
There's also good documentation available, I didn't use it yet as this component is very self explaining if you are familiar with Joomla.
I did not explore all of the possibilities yet, my guess is there are plenty of options I have no idea when to use...
Works well with native Joomla SEF, didn't try with 3rd party solutions yet.
Absolutely worth the bucks if you want get thing done like: quick for you, and beautiful for the client. Bummer.
bymbai, April 11, 2010
JCH Optimize
Had problems to merge several js and css, tried other available tools but they all failed.
This one did the job with the default parameters!

Thank you very much!
bymbai, October 24, 2009
i was sometimes disappointed after buying a premium extension.
This one is different and well worth the expense. Install, set the parameter and done. Very easy and reliable. I had few questions and the team answered competent in no time.
I use it for a newspaper site with hundreds of articles, if you run a site with lots of articles - this is the thing you need.
bymbai, October 12, 2009
I was desperately looking for a script like this. I tried another, similar plugin but it failed to meet my clients request.
This one resizes all (optional)images in blog view relative to width/height or does squares.
I do not need to worry about authors breaking the layout.
Perfect for my needs, highly recommended to all who want to keep a clean layout but are expecting contributions by low skilled users.

Thanks to the developer!