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bymcarbone, August 9, 2012
I have tried most events management systems on JED and Ohanah is the best that I have ever used.

-The system is very user friendly without causing loss of functionality.

-The layouts and functions have the latest techniques integrated. This saved me a lot of time by not having to redo the stylesheets to match my site as I have done with every other component.

-The dynamic modules make, what otherwise would be a tedious task, event posting quick by not having to place maps etc. (it's geocoded) in the description.

-The support team is excellent! I had one or two issues (my fault, of course) and they were resolved within hours.

After having this on three different sites, there is only one thing on my wishlist. I usually have events with varying ticket prices. Unfortunately you can only have one price for a ticket per event. From what I understand, this function is in the works with Ohanah though. In the meantime, I have just added a Paypal button (with dropdown) that suffices for an easy work around.
bymcarbone, April 19, 2012
MaQma Helpdesk
This component is very robust. I use it for a call center with many clients. There are so many variables to configure that it can act almost like a full fledged CRM.

The documentation needs work, but maQMA states clearly that they are continually working on it. I can only imagine that they've had such a huge devotion spent to development rather than documentation. I would rather have a great component and try to figure it out myself than one that doesn't work but overly documented.

The support team is great! They responded to me within 2 hours to a "low level" question.

This component is HIGHLY recommended. I've spent more for components that do far less. There is another help desk component out there for twice as much that doesn't nearly do as much. I've researched them all thoroughly before I purchased it too.
bymcarbone, June 6, 2011
JA Job Board
This component is very robust and....expensive. I am fine with paying for it but there needs to be a bit more for a 5* rating. Nonetheless, this component is worth it, for me at least. It does much more than any other job board component.

- I can import jobs from virtually anywhere (via xml)
- good support

- lack of documentation
- no cron job support for job imports
- some settings I would have thought to be a common feature therefore I was told to customize myself (which is ok, but they should've been included in the component to begin with)
- import and export should really have a csv option (this is common)
- a quirky problem with an element with id="logo". should've been called something else.
- prepackaged language needs to be revised by the team. Too many errors for an enterprise component.
bymcarbone, October 22, 2010
Banner Rotator FX
I purchased the commercial license. I must say that has many fantastic tools but here's what I've experienced:
1. The banner rotator is listed in the "banner management" section of the J! extensions directory, but there is no correlation to the core Joomla banners component either to track impressions or clicks of banners.
2. Being a joomla module & somewhat component, the XML files (images specifically)should be editable in the administration panel. I don't want to have my client try to edit code for a new image.