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bymcbade, May 17, 2012
There may be fancier ones out there but this one was a mach for my criteria:
No use of Flash
Ready files from a folder
Needed to be best at fading effects without looking glitchie
Had a preference for Mooltools (which this uses), but jQuery would have been ok

I really appreciate that this one is non-commercial, not just for the cost, but the commercial ones tend to be overkill on features and complexity. This one is "just right"

Developers: Thank you! You are appreciated.
bymcbade, March 9, 2010
I don't want to turn this into a "support" thread, but I just felt I needed to respond to the comment that this extension "does not work with IE8". I tested it and from my system it is working fine.

My evaluation is this is a really NICE extension.

I have a template that is white on back with some colored highlights for some tags. I had to go and manually modify the components default css the "kapatcha" config.php and use my image editor to create some new corner images. Some users might find this a bit harder to do then others.

I wouldn't want to see development take away from the beautiful simplicity of this extension, so maybe some other layouts besides the default would be helpful?

Thanks for the really well written extension!