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bymccolley, February 19, 2013
Quick FAQ
This is a great FAQ component! It's simple to install and easy for clients to understand. It's also very easy to style the display. Finally, when I had a problem, the developer was quick to respond with the fix.
bymccolley, January 15, 2013
Several of the accordian plugins I found bragged about 'easy styling' using an online interface. What that really means is that you have to work to get the style to match your site. This plugin's best feature is that it doesn't introduce any prebuilt styles, it just takes your present text style and displays it. If you need to add some css tags, that's simple, too.
After installation I did have a functional problem, but after emailing the developer he had it fixed in an hour or two.
All I can say is WOW.
bymccolley, October 21, 2011
Youtube Gallery
I downloaded the free version and installed it on a site I was retrofitting for a client. In development everything worked fine, and I knew I would purchase the no-logo version before we launched. After purchasing and installing the latest version it threw an error. They fixed in hours and sent the fix by email. I highly recommend the YouTube Gallery and Design Compass.
bymccolley, February 5, 2010
I've tried a number of the Flickr modules on a website I'm working on.
The biggest problem with most of them seemed to be a Flickr issue: when you go to the lightbox slideshow, many pictures come up with a message saying the picture isn't available. They show up in Flickr, though. The solution other extensions tell you is to reload the pictures to Flickr at a more consistent size. Explain that to the client who sees them displaying fine on Flickr, but not in their site.
jFlickr displays all the pictures my client has uploaded, no problem.
I did have a problem in using multiple instances on one page.
A visit to Joomla Bamboo's support forum didn't have a solution, so I posted the details...they released an update to fix it the next day.
If you're looking for a Flickr module, this one gets my highest rave.