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bymchart, January 20, 2011
Custom CSS
After pulling my hair out for a few days trying to do a few simple changes, I found this gem. Voila!
In five minutes, I had redefined the fonts, color scheme and alignment on two pages. Highly recommended even if you are afraid of CSS.

Thank you!
This component took just a few minutes to install and worked fantastically out of the box - thanks so much for great quality work!!! Love the format, the reports, everything about it - now if only I had more visitors :)
bymchart, January 22, 2010
I have tried every non-commercial shopping cart system for Joomla as well as AEC - they all do part of what I wanted to do but not all - I hesitated to try this because it was outside of Joomla but am I glad I did - a week after starting on my quest for a simple solution, it was here! The interface is elegant, easy to use and program and it is transparent to the user. THANKS!!!
bymchart, November 1, 2009
JE Story submit
I have been looking for an easy way to let users that are not technically savvy submit stories and this installed in minutes and worked perfectly, with notification and publication within minutes.

I set up a new articles section and category and can then put the story where I want it and make sure all is set OK - it opens directly in my articles manager from the email link I get.

Only drawback is no image but imagine that could be easily resolved with a little playing around with the code.

Thanks much - Great, easy, functional component!