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bymdonkers, December 10, 2011
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Why this extension is not the most highly rated and is buried on the second page I do not understand.
Everything the positive reviewers say here is absolutely true.
Good points:
• Well thought out in a business process sense
• Has great auto generated invoices and status emails
• Is very feasible for non technical users to set up
• Once set up will be very easy to maintain (create new products)
• Great sales administration interface
• Good documentation
• Highly functional, even true for the free version.
• Did not need support but from the tone of the forum, that is great too.
bymdonkers, November 19, 2011
This extension is so easy to use. I installed the basic version as my needs are quite simple. The standard layout looks good, the form was was easy to set up and publish. No need for assistance whatsoever and I am purely a business user, not a technical one.

Impressive!! Would not hesitate to get the pro version should I need the added functions in the future.