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bymeadwench, February 18, 2014
SP Upgrade
I have upgraded a lot of sites, and it's always a big pain. Most recently, I'm upgrading a *really* old site from 1.0x to 2.5. Once getting things into 1.5 for the transition, I tried using several packages, including JUpgrade and RedMigrator. Two days later, no joy, and I had re-installed the 2.5 5 times.

Once I purchased, installed and upgraded using SP Upgrade, the entire process from purchase to all data transferred took a grand total of 30 minutes. Very nice!!

After spending 3+ days wrestling with the other programs, I can't recommend this enough. Well worth the price. I just wish I'd found it first!!
bymeadwench, November 14, 2012
I installed this on my Joomla 1.5.26 installation that was clean without any additional extensions.

I spent many hours attempting to get the upgrade to 2.5 to happen, but it hung every try. I posted the handing errors to their support forum, but apparently they no longer do support on their support forum and you must purchase a subscription to all their extensions to get support on jupgrade.

I'd rather they just sold jupgrade, as I don't need the other extensions.

I'm moving on to another package, because this one doesn't work, and it wasn't made clear when downloading that no support is provided unless you pay for it.
bymeadwench, February 27, 2011
I used this extension to create a multipage form for a resort site (as their designer), and it was much easier than doing it with code. I've had some minor bobbles with layout within my template, but support is addressing them and I'm pretty happy with the product. The fact that it isn't limited to a single domain is great too. Staff is courteous.